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“He loved her, god he fucking loved her. By the way he slowly traced circles on her knee. By the way he’d touch every part he could of her body simply to get her attention. By the way he’d attack her with subtle kisses all over her face, almost in a whisper as if it was theirs and only their little secret. When she laughed you could hear the love she felt for him through her laughter. How her hands playfully pushed him away when in reality they were screaming ‘keep me in your arms forever since its the only place I feel safe in’ and he did just that. God I pray they never lose what they had. I hope they keep that secret that is only theirs and never let it go. But most importantly I pray they know that what they have is rare, I hope they don’t take it for granted. I hope she’ll always feel safe in his arms”

— Strangers at Primrose Hill

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Its scary, the thought that home used to be where my bed was. Now its wherever he is and I am stuck wishing his arms are wrapped around me.

—(via halfmoonkiss)

What makes a woman?

Is it the complexity of her mind
Or the simplicity of her desires?

Is she a collection of leg and breast
Or a collection of innocent glances

What makes a woman?

Is it the aftermath of a painful hazy night
Or is it the content of the bottom of her heart

Is water and air the basis of her existence
Or is it passion and love that make her whole

—is the creation of a woman as simple as everyone makes it seems /// t.f. (via delicate—souls)

(via delicate--souls)